So Begins 2016

First 2016 snow

So begins 2016.  Looking out the back door at our new home.

What a change from where I was a year ago!  Here I am looking out my back door in Nashville.

more snow in Nashville


As I look back, 2015 was a year of changes; some good, some bad.  Like it or not all contribute to the person I am now.

And so it is.

Time to move forward.  Some say I reinvent myself.  I say, “We all do.”  Or at least we should, maybe not as drastically as I sometimes do but where would we be if we all remained the same, never learning from our experiences?

Never trying new things?

What will 2016 bring?  I really couldn’t say.  I have a few ideas; we’ll see if they interest you as they develop.

One thing I would really like to look into is a wider range of “healthy options”.  Good health is so much more than just the food we put into our mouths.  If all I talk about is what we eat and why; I will have done you a great disservice.  So this year let’s look at our creativity, our activities, our spiritual side and our social well-being.

Of course, there will always be food and alternative medical treatments.  Who would I be if I couldn’t make and share my favorite foods or simple menus?

Come along with me and let’s see how much more there is to us than what we’ve looked at in the past!

May 2016 be your best year yet!

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