Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy is shown here with beef over Super Simple Buttered Potatoes.  Today I used beef bone broth but chicken broth works just as well.

This is the stuff that provides comfort right there in your cup or on your creamy mashed potatoes! And this recipe gives new meaning to easy!

I started using this gravy during the time I was helping Don’s leaky gut to heal but he liked it so much he ask that I always make gravy this way.  Pretty high praise for a traditional flour gravy kind of guy if you ask me.  Don’t let the deliciousness fool you tho’ ~ it is packed with gut healing ingredients.

This easy gluten free gravy is so rich it really does feel like it heals you physically and emotionally.

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