The Easiest Cheese to Make at Home

Would you like to make cheese at home?

You may want to make cheese at home because you like the idea of creating delicious healthy food or you want to control what is in everything you serve your family and friends.  Or, possibly you just want to try to make artisan cheeses your way.

Making cheese at home is not that difficult and it’s rewarding.  A win – win situation to my way of thinking.

Culturing, ripening and aging are words that have become pretty prevalent in my world lately.  Friends always seem to be impressed and state that they want to learn how to make cheese at home.   Even strangers have ask if they can come watch me make cheese.  “I’ll pay you!”  they offer.  So it seems to me:

People are interested in making cheese at home.

If you’ve never tried making cheese before, don’t be intimidated.  It is mostly stirring a few ingredients together, namely milk, rennet and Mesophilic culture; warming to a certain temperature and letting it all sit together for a while, cutting the curd and letting it sit a few hours  longer, scooping out the curd, then letting it drain and or “age”.   Somewhere along the process you’ll either add Cheese Salt or soak the cheese in a brine made with Cheese Salt but basically that’s it.

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Life by Jeanie’s Resource Page

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