A Great Big Welcome to All My Friends!

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Spring has sprung and here at Life by Jeanie ~ we have Spring Fever!

And when we have Spring Fever; we have visions of website redos and website clean-ups.  Then of course, we think we need to spend a bunch of time with family and friends.


we’re taking some time to enjoy this spring season, do some spring cleaning and celebrate graduations, as well as taking a few days off.

While I’m away; I hope you will enjoy looking around and catching up on some of the information you may have missed.  

I’ll be back later in May with all kinds of new ideas.

See you then!

What do you do when you have Spring Fever?


Trying to Repair a Leaky Gut

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Look to Nettle Tea for a Wide Spectrum of Nutrition!

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Yeast Conditions In All Their Ugliness

Yeast Condition!  Yuck ~ what is it? Well in the first place;  yeast infections are nothing to take lightly however vaginal yeast infection which are really  vaginal candidiasis and...


Happy St. Patrick’s Day All

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Real Food Flavor Cubes

I don’t know if you can see how cute these little cubes are.  I think they are cute!  But cute or not; they are time savers.  It isn’t often...

March Giveaway

March Giveaway

* I’m  doing a March Giveaway to say thank you to you, my wonderful readers.  I really want to give away  items that I love and use and blog...