Rosemary Nourishing the Soul & the Body


Spring and early summer brings out the herbs in force and man, am I glad to see them after a rough winter!

Rosemary and parsley are two of my very favorite herbs used in cooking.   Besides being beautiful; herbs are easy to grow plants that pack a lot of nutrients in a small amount of product.  And flavor?

YES!  Herbs can perk op a quiet salad like a firecracker in the middle of the night!

I like getting as much of my nutrients from whole foods because it seems to me that while we discover new nutritional information as time goes along, the nutrition was there in the food all the time.  So even if we don’t know exactly what all is in our herbs and fresh produce or all that those nutrients do, it is still working and there are a lot of benefits we won’t discover for years to come.  Plus, it is all packaged with the enzymes and co-helpers needed to make all those vitamins and minerals work optimally!

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