Crispy Fresh Asparagus

Crispy Fresh Asparagus

One of my favorite foods in spring is fresh asparagus.  When we lived in Indiana we had a nice asparagus patch and it was the first thing to start producing in the spring.  Whenever it was time to fix Crispy Fresh Asparagus; I’d turn the cast iron skillet on to warm and run out to get the asparagus.  By the time I’d gathered a batch and cleaned it -the skillet was hot and ready to go.

This recipe is one my mother-in-law taught me many years ago and it is still my favorite.  We like steamed asparagus and fresh asparagus in salads or even creamed asparagus soup but nothing comes close to how delicious this Crispy Fresh Asparagus is hot out of the skillet!  It is the simplicity of the preparation and the quality and the freshness of the ingredients that make this dish!

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