Make Starting the New Year Easy on Yourself

Making Resolutions

You just came through the holiday rush, take a deep breath before jumping into a huge life adjustment!

I’m not sure where we got the idea to make all these great life changing resolutions right after coming through Christmas/Hanukkah  & the rest of the hectic holidays.  But since that is how we do it; I’m going to jump right in there too!

2015 Happy New Year

May Your 2015 Be Your Best Year Yet!


Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Getting Ready to Tackle 2015! (2 days only)

Here we are again getting ready to head into a brand new year and setting New Year’s Resolutions!  Do you set resolutions each year only to break them a...

Christmas tree at Paris Apartment  Nov 2014

Last Minute Holiday Scramble

…and a little heart to heart. The photo above was taken on a trip with friends way back in November when it seemed we had all the time in...



Is cardamon an every day part of your life – your kitchen life that is? Mine either, but since it is choke full of health building parts; I think...

Carmel popcorn balls

Caramel Popcorn Balls with Peanuts & Candy Corn

  Remember those delicious sweet, gooey popcorn balls?  Not the bland sugar popcorn balls but the buttery caramel popcorn balls loaded with salty peanuts.  YUM! Since we try very hard...

Weight Loss summit

Still Trying to Lose Those Last Few Pounds?

As women, this is something we fight constantly but I’ve found some great information that helps me.  Now, I’m not super skinny or super-model gorgeous but what I am...

Appetite curber 1

Tasty Chocolaty Appetite Control Recipe?

  Who wouldn’t love a little chocolaty treat to help curb those hunger pangs?  Is it even possible? I’m not talking about chocolate that is full of sugar to...

Breast Cancer symbol

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is Mammogram month again – Yuck!  The big dilemma for many. Yes it is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month  and I feel I should say something regarding Breast Cancer and...