Moving Update is for all my friends.

This moving update is for all my friends that may be interested in what I’ve been doing lately.

As you may know in the past few months we sold our home in Brentwood, TN (many tears shed over this), moved into our daughter’s lake house, found a house back in Goshen (our original hometown), moved into that and began a whirlwind of remodeling.

This is the new house

our new home


…. and this is what I fell in love with the first time I saw it.

New house,exterior lower level view

We were originally looking at the house next door but it didn’t suit.  When I looked over and saw this house; I thought to myself, “I wish that house was for sale.”  *sigh*

We continued our house search but never found a neighborhood we liked as much as this one.  So one day I said to Don, “Let’s go look at that house again, maybe we could do something to make it work for us.”

When we pulled up to the unsuitable house – what should greet us but a “For Sale by Owner” sign on the house I longed for 3 weeks earlier!  As soon as I saw the sign, I figured this was our house.  When we walked in (2 steps at least) I looked at Don and he nodded – we were home!

It is perfect for us, nothing fancy – simple a walk out basement (you’ll see those pictures when I get to them), a deck off the dining room and a few other ‘must haves’ we were looking for.  We bought the house within an hour of walking through the front door and got along so well with the previous owners that we spent most of the afternoon with them.  I think it is where God wants me to be.

I know this is a little off topic but I want you see what’s going on in our lives right now.  It is exciting, sad, fun, heartbreaking (to leave our Tennessee people) and wonderful to be back with our Indiana family and friends, all at the same time.

Oh, and did I mention exhausting?

We started by saying we would take our time, go at our own pace and do it ourselves.  No stress since we were just coming off 2 moves already and obviously we aren’t young anymore.

Not to bore you with every detail but we’ve been in the house 2 weeks & this is what’s going on.

When we bought the house this was the interior.  I’m only showing the 3 public rooms because that’s all we planned to update right now.

The living room looking into the dining room.

dining room from living room
These are from the second viewing.  We bought the house within an hour of walking through the door and got along with the previous owners so well we ended up spending most of the afternoon, we had new friends!

Since everything happened so fast when we went back a few weeks later, we were afraid we wouldn’t like it but we did – even more than the first time!

kitchen from dining room

And this is a glimpse of the dining room and the deck beyond.

a glimpse of dining room

Those were pictures with the previous owners in moving progress.

Here we are tearing into our new home. 

cabinets back in

The first thing Don did was remove the cabinets.  I, sanded, primed and painted them, no small feat with a cracked bone in my right arm (things like that happen when you’re under stress).  Then we (Don) rehung them at the ceiling and now they are waiting for open shelves to be built below.  Don will do that as soon as he has time – I think up projects much quicker than they can be executed :)

Below you can see from the dining room looking into kitchen.  You can see into the laundry in this view but most of the time it isn’t so obvious.

kitchen & laundry

More kitchen and dining room views, we spend a lot of time on the deck.  Most of the time it is the only place you can sit down and it is always the only place to sit a plate to eat!

dining, deck


din rm

kitchen torn apart

Living room look into dining room.

living rm

Looking toward front of house standing almost in the dining room.

front window


After this was taken; Don started tearing out carpet and laminate in preparation for new floors.  Stay tuned, if my strength holds out; I’ll post and update on floors and getting settled.  Hopefully that will be the major updating for now.

Have you ever updated and lived to tell about it?  I’d love to hear how your experience went, let me know in the comments below.

Until Later!


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