Love Links, February 2013

February is the month for love so let’s spread some around.  Here are some of my favorite links from some of my favorite bloggers.   Some but by no means all!
You may not know this but I have this thing for wanting chickens. So when I saw this post from The Shepherd’s Farm about chicks, I had to share!

Here’s a great post that helps alleviate a lot of stress for those of us that tend to have some issues with perfecttion: The 80/20 Rule

If you like well researched information that may help you increase your chances to have strong teeth and bones or make healthy babies, check out this post about The Missing Nutrient: Vitamin K2

A couple more, that will help me a lot if I will just pay attention. I think they could help you a lot too! Core Strengthening Exercises and Real Food Simplified

I’m always hearing about ghee and how good it is. Since I don’t know much about it, I’m anxious to read Katie’s post What is ghee? She also has a post about arthritis and gelatin and since one of us in our house has some issues with arthritis, I think this a good read for Don & I.

You know how much I love my chocolate so I was anxious to read Why I NEVER Eat Most Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

This is the time of year we can all use a little extra help staying healthy so I was so glad to see this list of cold-fighting foods.   I think these foods help prevent more than just colds.

There are so many more great posts out there but these are a few of my favorites this month.



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