“Super Nutritional Super Simple” Thing You Can Do

A super nutritional super simple thing you can do to improve your over all health?

In my opinion anyways.

I’m talking about something that benefits your skin, your digestive tract, your immune system, heart and muscles.  Something that is full of  protein and most of the macro minerals and trace minerals your body needs to flourish.

Of course,  I’m talking about  Bone Broth.  This has got to be one of the most “Super Nutritional Super Simple” things a person can make to improve their health! https://www.lifebyjeanie.com/super-nutritional-super-simple-thing-you-can-do/ So why is bone broth so super nutritional?  Or for that matter, what’s so super simple about it?   Let’s start with what’s so super nutritional about it. Bone broth contains calcium, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus and trace minerals.  It can be thought of as a protein and calcium supplement. The gelatin found in it contains colloidal substance which attracts digestive juices to itself.  This helps prevent gastrointestinal bugs from attaching themselves to your gut lining and wreaking havoc with your digestive system.   If your gut lining has already been compromised, bone broth can help heal the gut lining which allows nutrients to be absorbed.  Gelatin helps neutralize intestinal poisons causing problems with intestinal bugs or the flu.

Giving all the details would fill an encyclopedia, so I’m just highlighting a few.  For more details, please consider  the resources listed at the bottom of the page. Use this easy super nutritional super simple food product for general well-being but especially to help:

  • pain & inflammation
  • digestive disorders such as IBS, colitis and even Chron’s disease
  • reduce bone loss from aging
  • cramps, muscle spasms
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity
  • hypertension, palpitations
  • high cholesterol
  • allergies
  • brittle nails, dental disease
  • rickets, osteoporosis

Now when I’m talking about bone broth; I’m talking about the  rich hearty broth made from the bones of humanly raised, pasture-fed animals.  Not the meat products you find in most supermarkets; although, even those bones contain some health benefits.  But to get the full benefit, try to find  a farmer that raises animals the way the animals are meant to be raised; as healthy as possible.  This means without growth hormones, antibiotics and GMO feed.  Animals that are raised out on open pasture.

If you  aren’t able to find exactly what you want; do the best you can.   We get our beef, chicken and pork from Walnut Hills Farm here in middle Tennessee.  If you aren’t able to find someone local; you can check their website, I think they do some shipping. Back to what’s so nutritional about bone broth.  This can be beef, fish, pork or chicken bones.   They are similar in nutritional value and depending on your personal preferences are usually interchangeable in recipes.

And what’s so simple?

What could be easier than something you put in the crock pot and forget about for hours.   There are people that like to keep their broth going 24/7. They  use the broth from the crock pot, replacing the broth with water as they use it.

To make bone broth, gather some bones.  Roast them if you can.   I like to use (Cast Iron skillets).   You can make bone broth without roasting first but I think the broth tastes better.  A lot of time I simple roast a chicken and then use the bones from that ~ delicious! https://www.lifebyjeanie.com/super-nutritional-super-simple-thing-you-can-do/ ‎ Place the bones in a crock pot  (like this)  and cover with filtered water a couple of inches above the bones.   Add a little vinegar and allow to simmer for 6-24 hours.

The length of time depends on your individual preference. 4 or 5 hours will usually be enough for a good tasting broth but the longer it cooks, the richer the taste and nutritional value. As you use the broth, you can replace with additional water and continue brewing it.  Normally,  I wait until the broth looks good to me.  Drain off that entire batch and process it.  Then I add another crock pot of water and a little vinegar and let simmer another 12 hours or so.

It depends on the condition of the bones how many times I do this.  Each time takes longer to get a good broth and I usually only do this twice. I don’t add any seasonings until I’m ready to use the broth.   Of course, if I’m using leftover bones from dinner ~ they have already been seasoned and that’s fine.   This is very flexible. https://www.lifebyjeanie.com/super-nutritional-super-simple-thing-you-can-do/ When the broth is ready, I ladle it off to use in recipes or to drink.  Yes, I love broth to drink!  At least, chicken and beef broth.  Pork broth is only used for soups ~ so far, anyways.

I like to freeze some for using in recipes and for drinking. I’ve never had much luck freezing broth in quart jars but have only EVER had 1 pint break so I’d suggest using pint jars.

When I freeze it; I leave the fat since I’m usually making soup.   When it’s time to use the broth; simply scoop the fat off and use that to saute your vegetables in and it will add even more delicious flavor to your recipes.


Of course, if I am drinking it, I remove the fat before warming it up, at least most of it.  I like to add a little  sea salt  and some gelatin to give it an even bigger nutritional boost.

4/12/14 Update:  I just read this great e-book from Hollywood Homestead,  The Gelatin Secret that shows you just how this ancient superfood can help you upgrade your health and lead you to a healthier, more energetic life.  Author, Sylvie McCracken has an easy to read manner that makes absorbing all this information a snap!

Click here  to read more about: The Gelatin Secret: The Surprising Superfood that Transforms your Health and Beauty. (this is an affiliate link)

If you are wondering how to get your family to eat the broth, here are some great recipes to help you incorporate bone broth into your life.

Just for fun I have to include Kristen’s There’s Always Room for Jell-o  gelatin can be added to a variety of foods, including broth to increase (if you can imagine that) the nutritional availability!

Just do SOMETHING to get some bone broth in your diet. Here are some more details from my friends around the blogging world.

If you never make any other improvement in your family’s diet,  you can still reap many benefits from consuming bone broth.

Remember to keep taking those little steps to health 🙂

Resources and for further reading:

Concerning my affiliate links:  Please know that affiliate links may be included for your convenience.  You are not obligated in any way.   If you don’t have time to scour the stores for organic foods and products or you just like the convenience of having goodies brought to your door please feel free to use my sponsors above.  Although I do get a small commission to help keep this blog going, the cost is the same to you and your support is much appreciated!

Best of Health to you!

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