A Collection of Quick & Easy Real Food Recipes


Although I like to think of January as a quiet slow time, a time to repair and rejuvenate our poor worn out selves; working parents and busy families don’t have the luxury of slowing down like us retired, semi-retired and trying to stay retired folks.  They still race through your days struggling to keep it all together.

Either way, we all can use a little help eating healthy conveniently!  Here are a few of my favorite easy and quick to make recipes.  Maybe they can help you get dinner on the table with sanity intact.

Some of these are so simple they shouldn’t even be called recipes.

Tuna Patties


Super Simple Buttered Potatoes

https://www.lifebyjeanie.com/super-simple-buttered-potatoes/ ‎

Zucchini Cakes (as in veggie cakes, not dessert).

Cream Cheese & Sweet Pea Omelet


Cream Cheese & Sweet Pea Omelet

And of course, we can’t forget the ever popular: Leftovers.



This Ginger Chicken Salad  is especially quick and easy if you have some leftover chicken already on hand.


And how about smoothies?

These are always a hit as a quick breakfast, snack or a meal.

Coconut Smoothie with Ice Cream

If you are out of ice cream, just make them without.  Trust me, your family will still love them!

https://www.lifebyjeanie.com/cool-refreshing-coconut-smoothie-with-ice-cream/ ‎

Now these recipes may take a little longer in the beginning but if you have the presence of mind to plan ahead, these make ahead dishes can really simplify your life.


French Toast Casserole

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

Now these are some of my favorites but there are many recipes around the web and I’d like to share a few of them.  Many of these freeze well so consider making double (or triple) batches to freeze for later – your own personal Freezer Dinners” that you can customize to your personal specifications.

What are your quick dinners favorites?



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