Welcome to my world, I’m so glad you stopped in!  My training and degree is in Interior Design but my passion is living a simple traditional style life.   Here at Life By Jeanie you’ll find a lot of recipes using real food like butter, coconut oil, whole milk, bacon and many other foods.  All those other delicious tasting foods you were told aren’t good for you.  You’ll find that maybe some of the research was misinterpreted (lied about) and that where you source your food can make all the difference in the world.

Some thirty years ago a physician diagnosed our 15 month old daughter as being hyperactive and prescribed Ritalin.  At that point I knew nothing about nutrition or how a healthier lifestyle affects your health, but everything inside me rebelled against putting my baby on any drugs for the rest of her life!

That began a life of radical change, of forever pushing back against standards most follow without thinking and always questioning mainstream practices.  I began reading and examining everything I could on hyperactivity which led to an entirely different way of eating as opposed to what was considered the Standard American Diet (SAD).  In the beginning we were extreme in some of our responses at times but eventually we leveled out and could relax and enjoy how much better we were feeling.  Because yes, we all became healthier!  You can read about how it all started… if you would like.

Although my main focus is healthy eating and trying to maintain the healthy lifestyle that goes along with that, you may find bits of whatever floats across my mind.

It has been a roller coaster ride of a life but I feel so blessed that we were given this opportunity and that we chose to take this road!  Every day there is new research to explore and file into our knowledge bank.  There is still so much to learn so come along with me and we’ll learn together.

PS.  It’s not all about food.  No!  There’s exercise and gentle thoughts  and socializing and oh so much more!

My desire is that you’ll be encouraged to question and research to find what makes the most sense for you and your family.  That you’ll make your choices from a position of knowledge and conviction, not from just blindly following the pack – this pack or any other “pack”.

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