Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy

Easy Gluten Free Gravy is shown here with beef over Super Simple Buttered Potatoes.  Today I used beef bone broth but chicken broth works just as well.

This is the stuff that provides comfort right there in your cup or on your creamy mashed potatoes! And this recipe gives new meaning to easy!

I started using this gravy during the time I was helping Don’s leaky gut to heal but he liked it so much he ask that I always make gravy this way.  Pretty high praise for a traditional flour gravy kind of guy if you ask me.  Don’t let the deliciousness fool you tho’ ~ it is packed with gut healing ingredients.

This easy gluten free gravy is so rich it really does feel like it heals you physically and emotionally.

Now are you going to pour 2 tablespoons of this Easy Gluten Free Gravy on your potatoes tonight and walk away from the table totally cured? Probably not, but it is a great way to get several nutritious ingredients into your diet that you can enjoy.

Since Don doesn’t like the flavor of bone broths  I had to use gravies and soups to get the stuff into his tummy.  It does make a great soup base and I’ve used it as an instant breakfast drink replacement.   This Easy Gluten Gravy is probably his favorite dish with bone broth.

It is one of my favorites too, because I really like bone broth’s nourishing make-up AND the taste.  It doesn’t hurt that it only takes 3 main ingredients: Bone Broth, Arrowroot, & Gelatin – along with a little sea salt and fresh ground peppercorns.  I like  Celtic Sea Salt  best for flavor but often use Real Salt because it is so much easier to dissolve.

GF gravy1

Whip these goodies together and you are ready.  Maybe 10 minutes, tops.

If you like your gravy thicker, add a little more gelatin and arrowroot.  If you like your gravy a little thinner, reduce the amount of gelatin and arrowroot you use.  Simple, right?

GF gravy 3

You will see for yourself how tasty this is but why is it so nourishing?

      1.  Bone Broth:  Bone broth contains compounds like collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine which are credited with helping conditions such as: arthritis, bone and joint degeneration, digestion, healing leaky gut and even reducing cellulite.   It also contains conditional amino acids (arginine, glycine, glutamine and proline) that are classified as nonessential but may be essential under some conditions.  When you are ill or very stressed you will not be able to produce them easily.
      2. Arrowroot:  Besides containing folate and other B vitamins, arrowroot is gluten free and is a great thickening agent for baby formulas (and gravy!)  It is also low in calories and may help protein and fat metabolize.
      3. Gelatin: Gelatin is a part of collagen and you probably already know that collagen is an important element of skin health and elasticity.  Gelatin contains proline and glycine to help the connective tissue structure in our bodies.  This is where bone broth gets the reputation for helping reduce cellulite.  I like both of these gelatins from Radiant Life, Bernard Jensen Gelatin and Vital Proteins Collagen Protein.  

It goes without saying I add gelatin to every dish containing bone broth.  There is already gelatin in the bone broth but adding a little extra boost helps  the collagen in your skin.    Research shows the breakdown of collagen is responsible for wrinkles, sagging, lifeless skin.  Who wants that!

Here are some links I referred to and that you may enjoy

In closing I want to add a cute link and yes, it is a reminder that healing a leaky gut doesn’t happen over-night and regaining health is a long-term time investment.  I Tried Bone Broth for a Week I loved the article but –  remember –  it all is part of a healthy package.

Dare I say, “lifestyle change” ?


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