Do You Think It’s Time For The 2016 Flu Shot?

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Do you think it’s time for the 2016 flu shot?


Here we go again.  I was going to share with you all the horrors of vaccinating healthy people and some of my questions such as :

Is it just me, or is the ingredient list ( insert ) getting a little more ambivalent?

How many strains of flu are there?   Or better yet, how many variations?  The simple answer:  A whole lot!

               And the real problem –

The strains are constantly changing and mutating.

Want broader coverage?  Just ask for it.   Of course, the CDC wants you to ask for it.

And of course, the age old question: “Who benefits?”

What are the chances that you’ll actually receive protection or that they are even safe?

The National Vaccine Informaion Center says that adult influenza vaccine claims are now the largest claim submitted to the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Influenza Vaccine Package Insert

But then I though, wait a minute – these are intelligent, thoughtful people reading this.  They can research and evaluate all the conflicting data for themselves.  They don’t need me to remind them that a healthy robust immune system can handle changing and mutating viruses.   They know there are no guarantees either way .

So my dear friends, what do you think?

Do you think it’s time for the 2016 flu shot?

Please kindly share your thoughts and findings in the comments below Yeah or Nay?  🙂

A couple of links that may help you boost your immune system:


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